Award-winning film by Croatian director Ognjen Svilicic.

Croatia – Bosnia - Germany

Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Armin Omerovic

Ognjen Svilicic about his film:
This is my way of how to tell a story about war. What such a situation brings and how to deal with it. Father and son are fighting to get some respect in this world, their only problem is that they are coming from Bosnia, and we all know what that means.

They want to get out of poverty. The only thing that they can loose is their pride, which is all that they have. For the rest of the world they are two poor men from a destructed country. They have to fight for it. At the end they have to deal with their relationship, because that's the only thing that they can relay on. Love between a parent and a child stands still. This gives them hope to move on, to conquer misery.

I made a slow movie with lots of intense coming from reactions of my characters. Scenery in this movie is much colder than their hearts. Somehow father and son feel lost in it. They are searching for something, for their future. At the end they find each other, and that is the most important for me.