Dr Franjo Topic - before and now

Dr Franjo Topic heads Sarajevo's (Catholic) Croatian Culltural Association "Napredak".

The association Dr Topic leads has a hundred years history. He revived it after the end of Communism and kept it going during the war. Dr Topic's name was mentioned in 2008 as the potential mayor of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Once the nomination was made official, in November 2009 he turned it down.

The biggest struggle recently was the exodus of Croatian Catholics from the region during 1992-1995, and it's still a big problem today. At present, the Catholic population in the diocese Vrhbosna is less than half of what it was before the conflict. Dr Topic advocates the return of Croats who left the city and insists that local Croat politicians should accept Bosnia as their country.

Live with Aleksandar Stanković, "Nedeljom u dva".

12 October 2008

Courtesy Croatian HRT

Prof Dr Franjo Topić je svećenik Vrhbosanske nadbiskupije, koji se spominje kao mogući gradonačelnik Sarajeva.

U emisiji "Nedjeljom u dva", 12.10.2008, on govori o komunizmu, položaju Hrvata u BiH i opstanku Bosne i Hercegovine kao jedinstvena država.