Mladic and Karadzic

Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic on the hills above Sarajevo. And some of their victims in town, 1992. An indicted war criminal, Mladic was arrested on 26 May 2011 and transferred to The Hague Tribunal. Karadzic has been in the Tribunal's custody since the summer of 2009.

Ратко Младић и Радован Караџиђ изнад Сарајева. И неке из њихових жртава по граду, 1992.

A recorded radio conversation, demonstrating that the purpose of Mladic's Serb forces' bombardments was clearly psychological and political. Ratko Mladic sounds more concerned with destroying historic, cultural, and political targets than he was with striking at enemy's military forces:

Mladic [to Colonel Vukasinovic, artillery chief]: Are you up there?

Vukasinovic: Yes, everything is ready.

Mladic: What can you hit?

Vukasinovic: I can fire all the way to the garrison.

Mladic: Do not fire at the garrison. Can you pound Velešići?

Vukasinovic: I can.

Mladic: Target Velešići and Pofalići ... there aren't that many Serb households there...

Mladic: Are your guns pointed toward the target?

Vukasinovic: They are.

Mladic: And tell me, can you pound Baščaršija [the old mainly Muslim, historic area] ?

Vukasinovic: I can.

Mladic: What?

Vukasinovic: Yes, no problem.

Mladic: Keep the Presidency and the Assembly building under steady, direct fire and pound slowly in intervals until I give the order to stop... Make sure they don't get any sleep down there... Shell them till they are on the edge of madness...

{Footage from "The Death of Yugoslavia" has been used, Brian Lapping Production for the BBC, October 1995}