Back from the Brink 1997


On 4 February 1997 President Petar Stoyanov, who had just taken Bulgaria by storm, finally brought political enemies together to agree on a settlement that would pull the country back from the brink of civil unrest.

Looking back at pictures from the time, he tells us how he took Bulgaria closer to the Western world and firmly on course for NATO and EU membership.

Tags: Живков, Zhivkov, Bulgaria, Communism, Stalin, Комунизъм, България, Сталин, БКП, София, ПетърСтоянов, Stoyanov, Parliament, 1997, БСП, Videnov, Parvanov, ИванКостов, Clinton, Клинтън, NATO, Kosovo, Косово, EuropeanUnion, Kohl, Havel, PrinceofWales, KofiAnnan, Chirac, Plovdiv, Walesa

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