MyCentury versus Disinformation/Propaganda

At MyCentury we gather stories to help us understand the past better. But for all those true eyewitness accounts, a lot of what we find in the archives is factually misleading at best, or at worst clear manipulation and lies.

You’ve heard about “fake news” today, this is “fake history” from yesterday.

Today’s sophisticated disinformation, spread through many channels in many directions, has a parallel in the state-sponsored propaganda of the past.

And although it looks like the archive film we’ve gathered belongs firmly in the last century, it continues to manipulate our present. The stories we tell ourselves about history can shape our identities, our countries and our opinions of others.

In this area we’ve gathered some films we’ve made ourselves, and some compiled by other people to encourage you to keep questioning what you see, hear and read, not just to be alert to the disinformation of now, but to the manipulation of history as well.

propaganda [prop-uh-gan-duh]

(noun) : information that is designed to mislead or persuade