The Forest Front


The Bulgarian village of Brashlyan has always sat at a crossroads. For nearly fifty years it was a remote outpost on the border with Turkey -- right on the faultline which separated Communism from the rest of the world. Brashlyan's elderly residents still share stories about the horrific and sometimes surreal efforts to protect Bulgaria's frontier.

The derelict relics of that time are still there, but Brashlyan is looking for a new role in life. One of the villagers Maria Kichukova tells us about its painful past and her big hopes for the future.

Веселин Николов

Saturday, 12 October 2013 19:39
Служил съм три месеца на моряне ,какви спомени нахлуха сега в съзнанието ми ,нямаше вода ,нямахме какво да ядем ,нямаше телевизор дори .Отпуска трудно можеш да излезеш пък пътя до Малко Търново ,няма с какво да стигнеш до там ,пеш и на стоп ,и това те прави мъж,не прави те развалина .Да не говорим колко не издържаха и се гръмнаха още там ,сега след толкова години си спомних толкова много че чак ми се доплака.


Tuesday 08 October 2013 18:21
Many thanks for your interest! Do you, or your friends and family, remember Bulgaria's borders from the Communist time? We'd love to hear from you. We are particularly keen to hear from East German, Polish, Czech, Slovak tourists...