Yugoslavia Holiday 1978


A rare Kodachrome film, 1978.

Communist Yugoslavia was a major destination for tourists from Western Europe and the US. Here is an extract from amateur footage shot by British tourists who were visiting the Adriatic coast in the summer of 1978.

Did you or your family spend your holiday in Yugoslavia? We'd love to hear from you. Share your memories.

Converted from 8 mm film.

All rights to use purchased.

U bivšoj Jugoslaviji 1978 godine

This Kodachrome film is just a beautiful and non-political piece of history. More on the seemingly still open question whether Yugoslavia was a Communist society despite its relatively open borders, was it dogmatic...did it ever try do deal with events of the recent past, like Bleiburg or the fate of its ethnic Germans, Istria, is available on:


Thursday, 03 April 2014 19:52
Thanks for this video, especially for part from Ulcinj at the begin. It would be very nice if the owner has completed video for Ulcinj.

Matija Bilješković

Friday, 28 March 2014 22:26
Lovely video and fantastic music. Excellent editing with great taste. In the late 80s, I did my first ski run near Prizren in the Šar Mountains and my first swim stroke in the beaches of Ragusa which is shown quite a few times in the video.