A story of national identity and European citizenship, shot in Bulgaria, Belgium and Moldova and sponsored by the Bulgarian Memory Foundation. Reported/produced by Velislav Radev, directed by Janet Barrie.

On Bulgarian National TV , Sunday 23 February 2014. 

Made by barriemedia.net

Един филм за националната самобитност и европейската идентичност, за Гражданската награда на Европейския парламент. Заснет в България, Белгия, Молдова, и спонсориран от Фондация Българска Памет.

Репортер / продуцент Велислав Радев Режисьор Джанет Бари 

Published in Bulgaria

Odessa Mama 002
Odessa Mama 003
Odessa Mama 004
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Odessa Mama 007
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© Velislav Radev

Meet Robert, Ukraine's 'best private detective', as he drives you round the beautiful Black Sea port of Odessa.This documentary, broadcast in February 2009 on Al Jazeera's Witness strand, offers a unique view on daily life in post-Soviet Ukraine.

Odessa robert1
It is a long and tricky process making a documentary. In 2006, whilst taking a Russian course in Odessa, director Raj Yagnik met Robert Papinyan and thought he'd make a good subject for an observational documentary.
The following year Grisha Rudko was sent out from Moscow to film Robert and the following "trailer" was cut - as a way of selling the film to a broadcaster.


The film was commissioned by Al Jazeera the following year.

Published in Red Square