Natalya Grebenyuk is a Moscow-based photographer. She is a fan of motor-rallies and daunting car journeys. Natalya crossed the Balkans from East to West at the height of the winter 2010: from Kosovo via Montenegro to Albania and Bosnia.

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Curious killed the cat but sometime one can find such the monuments behind the curtain National Art Gallery Tirana
First albanian word I've learnt in Pristine saying thank you to the waiter Read it on the building Faleminderit

© Natalya Grebenyuk

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  • JR (Harry Siamese)

    As a kid, I was so excited to raise Radio Tirana on my shortwave radio in Canada.
    I was rather crestfallen to hear it was the strongest station in Europe.
    Albania was unable to place a transmitter anywhere outside the country.
    Thank you and thank the photographer for me.

    JR (Harry Siamese) Comment Link

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