A document of its time - recorded, produced and filmed during the Siege of Sarajevo, it served as a major moral booster to the defenders of the city.

This song remains for many the unofficial anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To My Dear Bosnia & Herzegovina

1992 - Ismet and Fikret Kurtović.

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Natalya Grebenyuk is a Moscow-based photographer and photo editor. She is a fan of motor-rallies and daunting car journeys. Natalya crossed the Balkans from East to West at the height of the Winter 2010 - from Kosovo via Montenegro to Albania and Bosnia.


© Natalya Grebenyuk

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Sarajevo's Vrbanja Bridge. Now named after Suada Dilberović and Olga Sučić, the first victims of the war. They were shot here by Serb snipers on 5 April 1992.

Courtesy TVSA

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