Yugoslavia on Kodachrome

A rare Kodachrome film for Pan Am Airways, 1964.


Yugoslavia was the only Communist-controlled country in today's Eastern Europe Pan Am flew to during the Cold War – showing how important the country was at that time.

A cultural icon of the XX Century, Pan American World Airways, or Pan Am, was the largest international air carrier in the US from 1927 until its collapse its 1991.

Pan-Am is remembered by many for its routes to divided Berlin - Tempelhof and Tegel.

Did you fly on Pan Am to Yugoslavia or West Berlin? Did you visit Yugoslavia's Adriatic coast, or perhaps Ohrid?

Share your memories.

Converted from 16 mm film.

All rights to use purchased.

This Kodachrome film is just a beautiful and non-political piece of history. More on the seemingly still open question whether Yugoslavia was a Communist society despite its relatively open borders, was it dogmatic...did it ever try do deal with events of the recent past, like Bleiburg or the fate of its ethnic Germans, Istria... is available on: 

Tito in Moscow 1972

Communist Nostalgia

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  • Natasa

    The film brings beautiful memories, but one must accept: everything changes...

    Natasa Comment Link
  • Natasa

    I need the wings today to take me to this beautiful land, the only one I would ever feel like my homeland... It was so wonderful living in it and too sad to loose it for many small, nacionalistical, unattractive lands.

    Natasa Comment Link
  • Dubravko BUTINA

    Najljudskija zajednica ikada na Planeti = SFR JUGOSLAVIJA. Djeco pljunite roditeljima u lice jer su je tako neljudski unistili.

    Dubravko BUTINA Comment Link
  • Aida Amalia Caramazana Velez

    Ja sam meksikanka i uzivam ovaj film i mnoge mene nedostaje moj Jugoslaviju, izvinite moju gresku, Me gusto mucho y lo disfrute como cuando visite por primera vez Belgrado. Gracias. Aída

    Aida Amalia Caramazana Velez Comment Link
  • mmmmmmmmmaaaaate

    what have they destroyed :( f-g americans they destroyed this peaceful amazing country :( even though it was communist country it was stil the best for living.

    mmmmmmmmmaaaaate Comment Link
  • emina nurkovic

    our country was really beautiful...Jugoslavia forever in our hearts!

    emina nurkovic Comment Link
  • Milica Tepavac

    Ja sad zivim u inostranstvu, ali planiram da se vratim za Srbiju. Posle zivota napolju, percepcija mi je znatno promenjena i vise nego ikada vidim mogucnosti na Balkanu, ukljucujuci Srbiju. Citava ex YU je prelepa!!! Volela bih kad bi se ljudi malo vise fokusirali na tu cinjenicu, promenili stav i poceli da "prodaju" sve te stvari zbog kojih jesmo toliko drugaciji. Izazov videti kao sansu, a ne biti stalno depresivan, nezadovoljan i kritican.

    Milica Tepavac Comment Link
  • Mirza Zivcic

    I was born in this country in 1984, and before I had finished the first year of my school the war started. I miss this beauty of a country. I become so nostalgic watching this.

    Mirza Zivcic Comment Link
  • Alexander Gomme

    It is and was since 1948 not Eastern Europe but a neutral country like Austria or Switserland. It was communist, but a very pragmatic version of it, dropping ideas and dogma's that had already proven themselves harmful in the east. People were quite free and were alowed to travel or work abroad. In a night train if you were lucky, one could even sleep trough the border without being awoken, wich was obviously not the case with the iron curtain...

    Alexander Gomme Comment Link
  • James Mason

    Yugoslavia was not in "Eastern Europe." It was not part of the Soviet Bloc and it was not behind the Iron Curtain.

    James Mason Comment Link

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